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One flight or a sky scraper full, stair climbing is a grate way to burn calories, be active and reduce a buildings energy usage. Trek the stairs for your health and the environment!


Stair Climbing Benefits

Stair climbing is a safe, time efficient and low impact. When you take the stairs all the muscles in your legs are used, your core becomes engaged, and your heart is challenged.


Stair Climbing for Exercise

Because you move your body weight against gravity stair climbing burns more calories in a shorter period of time then other forms of exercise. Short 2-5 minute bursts or longer 30 to 60 minutes workouts, low or high intensity stair climbing is great for all no matter your fitness level.


Stair Climbing Posture

       Walk tall, bend slightly at the hips with back straight

     Climb at a pace that is comfortable for you

     Breathe in through your nose and out of your mouth

     Lead with your chest up and shoulders down and back

     Place your entire foot on each step

     Keep knees square to ankle and feet

     Keep head up and eyes looking forward

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